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About us

Northern Beaches Eye Surgery is focused on you. We have the most advanced technology and use the highest-level techniques to optimise safety and provide you with an excellent outcome.

Your experience at Northern Beaches Eye Surgery is extremely important to us. Located in beautiful Northern Beaches, Sydney, our practice is calm and inviting and the staff always warm and understanding. We believe the reassurance of world-class experience and equipment coupled with an individualised treatment that is carefully explained allays much of the apprehension associated with laser eye surgery and other eye procedures.

We are proud to be a part of the Northern Beaches and to be able to offer the highest quality service to the community.

The core values of NBES are:

  • Quality: NBES aims to uphold the highest standards in every facet of our business. From the most advanced technology for all types of eye surgery and laser surgery to excellence in the quality of patient care, communication and follow up support.
  • Integrity: NBES maintains focus on the patients’ individual needs, ensuring the supreme choice of treatment to optimise safety and achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Warmth and support: Our aim is to ensure that each patient has a positive experience. This should include being involved in the decision making with sufficient information on their particular problem and treatment; feeling reassured that they are receiving the best possible care; and generally feeling like they are being looked after through every stage of the process.

Among the services we provide are: