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Northern Beaches Eye Surgery is very proud to share with you the following collection of unsolicited testimonials from our wonderful clients.

Dear Dr Genge

Thank you so much for your professionalism and the outstanding result I received with my operation. You are an amazing surgeon and I truly appreciate the way in which you dealt with my surgery and post operative care. You are a caring and lovely man.

I will, and have already recommended you to others.

Kind regards

Yvonne Baldan

Dear Dr Genge

Thank you for your diligent and caring service.

With gratitude

Maria, Paula, Adriana Volona

Dear James

Thank you for seeing me and treating me so expertly – it is wonderful to have such great sight without the need to wear multi-vision spectacles. This is all due to your expertise and care – thank you again.

Avril Renwick

Being able to see again

You gave me my life back

Being unable to see is bad enough nearly blind

So thank you for giving me back my vision

Ernest Cochrane

Dear Dr Genge

Thank you kindly for seeing my grandfather the other day and for performing his cataract surgery. He was deeply impressed by your professionalism and the care that you provided. We would really like to express our gratitude. Thank you again for going above and beyond for my grandfather.

Yi Wang (optometrist)


You are a hero to me. You turned my life around and for that I can’t thank you enough.



Dear Dr Genge

I can’t thank you enough for the most successful procedure I have just undergone.

Not only are you an admirable surgeon you are with a most caring nature. We are indeed blessed to have a young surgeon such as yourself.

With much gratitude

Trevor Rici

Dear Dr Genge

I’m writing in regard to my son, Luke Antonopoulos, who received a corneal graft on 6.12.10, and wanted to express our gratitude, appreciation and thanks to you and the family concerned for the generous gift of sight Luke received. God bless you for the wonderful work you do in restoring people’s sight and therefore their lives, keep up the good work.

All our gratitude

Helen and George Antonopoulos

Dear Dr Genge

We would like to thank you for looking after our eyes. It was been a pleasure knowing you and we have appreciated your friendliness and kindness. Thank you so much.

Betty and Alan Smithson

Dear Dr Genge

With sincere thanks and appreciation for your kindness, caring not to mention your great expertise in removing my cataracts

Beryl Potter

Dear Dr Genge

My sincere gratitude for the brilliant surgery you performed on my cataracts. I now see the world through different eyes. Wishing you every success in the future.

Love Beryl and Barry Worling

Dear James

Thank you for your expertise and wonderful care over the years and many thanks.

June Buddle

My surgery is the best thing I’ve ever done… even better than my husband! This comes first, the dishwasher second

Linda Letts