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Laser Eye Surgery Sydney

Dr James Genge Laser Eye Surgery SydneyLaser eye surgery (LASIK) is a safe, incredibly accurate way of modifying the shape of the cornea to allow the individual to become independent of glasses.

The most advanced technique is to use a Femtosecond laser to create a flap in the front surface of the cornea. The ‘laser created’ flap is safer and has a superior profile to that created by a blade (microkeratome).

The flap is then lifted and the surface underneath reshaped with an Excimer laser. A flap allows for rapid visual recovery, generally within 1-2 days compared to 6-8 weeks for surface based laser (ASLA, PRK) and is pain free ( vs ASLA / PRK which is painful for 1-2 days.)

Northern Beaches Eye Surgery in Sydney uses the Alcon Refractive Suite, the worlds fastest Femtosecond / Excimer Laser platform, bringing the most advanced treatment available to the Peninsula.

For more information about LASIK Laser Eye Surgery, you can also see our dedicated Freedom Eye Laser website for more information, videos and patient journey’s. Northern Beaches Eye Surgery and Freedom Eye Laser are both located in Dee Why Grand, 834 Pittwater Road, Dee Why. All surgery is performed by Dr James Genge.