We offer you Unsurpassed PRECISION, ACCURACY and SAFETY

Northern Beaches Eye Surgery utilises the Alcon Refractive Suite, the world’s fastest laser platform. Released in 2011, it is one of only two platforms in Australia.

LASIK is the preferred way of performing Laser Eye Surgery. It’s principle advantage is by performing the reshaping of the cornea underneath a flap the patient is pain free after the procedure and the recovery of vision is generally the next day. Compare this to PRK where the surface cells need to be removed which causes pain for 2 days and recovery of vision in 6-8 weeks. LASIK is also far easier to enhance should the patient need a touch up treatment.

Using a Femtosecond Laser to create a corneal flap for LASIK is the gold-standard, being safer both during the procedure and providing better longer term outcomes than a flap created with a blade or microkeratome.

The Alcon Refractive Suite has unique advantages as a platform for 100% Blade Free LASIK:

  • The World’s fastest Femtosecond Laser which creates a LASIK flap in only 6 seconds, increasing patient comfort and accuracy
  • The World’s Fastest Excimer Laser which minimizes dehydration of the corneal bed to increase treatment outcome accuracy. That means better vision.
  • The fastest Eye Tracker available, moving 10 times faster than the eye is capable of to ensure the laser correction is always placed where it should be.

Studies show that surgical complications can be reduced with faster, more accurate procedures.

Speed: Each “burst” of the Alcon EX 500 Laser lasts mere billionths of a second before the laser shifts to its next position—up to 100 times faster than some lasers.

Precision: The Alcon EX 500 Laser uses a small-spot laser beam, which allows LASIK specialists to shape the cornea in finer, more gradual increments for a smoother surface with eye-tracking technology 8 times faster than some of the competition.

Simplicity: The Alcon EX 500 Laser’s integrated cross-line projector provides the surgeon with an exact alignment of the head’s and eye’s position by generating a red-light cross on the eye for accuracy.

Personalized procedure: Using advanced Wavefront Optimized ® technology, the Alcon EX 500 Laser creates a “map” of your eyes and their unique characteristics to assist your surgeon in creating a personal vision profile for you. This map serves as a guide that helps doctors locate the eye’s exact treatment position, which is one of the most important factors in obtaining a more naturally shaped cornea and therefore an excellent refractive outcome, especially when correcting eyes with high astigmatism.

Northern Beaches Eye Surgery selected the Alcon Refractive Suite to ensure our patients have the most advanced technology available to provide the highest quality outcomes. It represents the state-of-the art in Laser Eye Surgery.

Learn more about Alcon’s Wavelight Refractive Suite.

Feel free to ask Dr. Genge any questions you may have about laser eye surgery technology or any other eye health issues.