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The KAMRA™ Inlay

KAMRA™ now available at Northern Beaches Eye Surgery

Dr. James Genge is one of only a handful of eye surgeons in Australia that now offer KAMRA Vision to laser correction patients like you. The safe, in-office KAMRA Vision procedure has been perfected over the past decade. You can enjoy effortless, natural vision for years to come.

Focus on your life, not your glasses.

Scuba dive. Read your horoscope. Follow a recipe. Walk in the rain. Program your MP3. Read SMS. Email your children, parents, and friends. See the dashboard in your car.

Modern life requires crisp, clear near vision. If your near vision could be sharper, it might be time to consider KAMRA Vision.

Send Dr. Genge a quick message TODAY to register your interest in this exciting new technology, or read ahead to learn more.

Do you have presbyopia?

Presbyopia vision

Perhaps recently you’ve noticed your reading vision is slightly out of focus. There is no need to be concerned. Near vision loses some of its crispness once we’re in our 40s. The technical term is presbyopia (prez-bee-OH-pee-ah). It is not dangerous, but can be annoying. If you find yourself holding the paper or mobile at arm’s length to read small type, you understand. Vision with presbyopia can appear like the image on the right.

Presbyopia is a natural process that happens to everyone – even after laser vision correction. Presbyopia can’t be avoided or prevented, but it can be successfully treated.

Enter the KAMRA™ Inlay

The key to KAMRA Vision technology is the KAMRA inlay. Once implanted, it is virtually invisible.

The KAMRA inlay is a tiny ring with an opening in the center. It rests under the surface of your cornea over the center of your pupil. Its special material allows the eye to breathe naturally.

The KAMRA inlay corrects presbyopia by narrowing the opening that permits light rays to enter your eye. A concentrated column of light rays enters in a very long, skinny cone. The tip of the skinny cone is your KAMRA corrected focal point. The KAMRA inlay repositions your focal point back on the surface of your retina so you again have crisp, sharp vision.

Learn more

Feel free to Ask Dr. Genge any questions you may have about presbyopia or KAMRA™, or to register your interest in this exciting new technology.

You can also view the video below for an introduction to presbyopia and KAMRA™ technology, and see the story of two laser eye surgeons who underwent the process themselves.