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Refractive Lens Exchange

Freedom from distance and reading glasses – see it all

Patients who require both distance and reading glasses, or even just reading glasses alone, can achieve freedom from glasses altogether. The natural lens of the eye can be replaced with a multifocal intraocular lens in a 15 minute, pain free procedure.

The patient is able to see perfectly in the distance as well as reading the smallest size of print without the need for glasses. The procedure is a permanent solution and the patient can maintain this level of vision lifelong. As both eyes are still working together, fine depth perception is preserved. Please contact us at Northern Beaches Eye Surgery and Dr Genge will assess your suitability.

Zeiss Lens

The most effective approach over 45 to achieve independence from glasses for both distance and reading is lens exchange surgery. There has been an evolution in intra-ocular lens technology, providing the advantage of perfect, glasses free vision for distance, intermediate (computer) and near distances with both eyes still working together at all distances for optimal visual quality and depth perception.

The lens will also compensate for astigmatism. It is a permanent solution and a further benefit is the fact that I can commonly perform it as a cataract extraction which means your health fund will pay for the majority of the surgery. As a laser vision correction specialist I can use this modality to fine tune the outcome if required to ensure optimum results.The lens is called the Zeiss Trifocal.

Laser vision correction as a comparative procedure over 45 years can only correct for one distance and therefore mono vision is the only way it can correct for both distance and reading. This entails one eye for distance and the other for near. It is an inferior solution to the trifocal lens as there is a loss of depth perception and is not a permanent solution as the reading eye eventually would require enhancement.

The lens replacement procedure is pain free with next day recovery. You are secure against requiring cataract surgery in the future as it has already been done