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Post Operative Care

After Laser Vision Correction, your vision is generally sharp after a night’s rest however mild blurring can persist for a few days. With LASIK the eyes are usually completely comfortable. Some fluctuation of vision and dryness can occasionally occur for a few months. It is important not to rub your eyes following the surgery.


Here’s how long to expect to wait before doing these activities:

Work Up to three days (getting surgery on Friday will allow you to have the weekend to recover), though most patients do return to work the next day.
Wearing makeup or lotions Up to two weeks
Non-contact sports Up to a week
Contact sports One month
Swimming or any water sports Two weeks

Dr Genge will see you the first day after surgery. The next postoperative visit is one month and if everything is optimal you will then be discharged.

Laser vision correction has a less than 5% chance of requiring a touch up correction due to reshaping organic tissue. If you require an enhancement this is performed at 3 months after the initial surgery. There is no charge for enhancements up to one year.

If there are any concerns following your laser vision correction, Dr Genge will attend to them immediately.