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Your Consultation

Dr Genge takes a comprehensive history and a through examination of your eyes. Ocular conditions that would preclude you from receiving laser surgery are looked for and eliminated. At all times Dr Genge adopts a conservative, careful approach and only procedures that are safe for that individual will be recommended. Occasionally Dr Genge will recommend not pursuing surgery if he deems this is the safest option for the patient. Ensuring a safe procedure producing an optimal outcome is the only influencing factor in Dr Genge’s recommendation of which procedure is performed.


Dr Genge ensures every patient has the procedure thoroughly explained; all pros and cons elucidated and all of the patient’s questions answered in a relaxed, unhurried environment.


A day or two before the procedure, stop using eye make up.

Preoperative drops including FML and Ciloxan will be commenced 3 times daily for 3 days prior to surgery.

You should also be driven to and from the procedure. Nearly all patients are able to comfortably drive the day after their LASIK surgery.