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Retinal Disorders


Vitreous Floaters are a common condition where the individual notices small black specks floating in their vision. New onset of this is an indication to be examined to rule out a retinal tear.

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Vitreous detachment is where the jelly that fills the inside of the back of the eye (vitreous) becomes more liquid as the individual ages; it collapses into itself and pulls away from it’s adhesion to the retina. The symptoms are flashing lights and the onset of floaters in the vision. Examination is critical to rule out a retinal tear.


Retinal detachment is where the thin layer of cells that lines the inside of the back of the eye (retina) develops a tear and starts to lose its adhesion to its blood supply. The retina then ceases to function and urgent surgery is indicated to re-attach it to prevent permanent visual loss. If a retinal tear is addressed early it can be lasered closed before detachment occurs, protecting the eye from visual loss. Symptoms of flashing lights and floaters in the vision should always be reviewed urgently with an ophthalmologist.

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